2 Weeks

How to use PDR Tools

Glue pulling system

Hammer technique

Advanced Course

4 Weeks

Advanced PDR tool skills

Advanced glue pulling system

Advanced Hammer technique

Hot box repairing technique


8 Weeks

Master PDR tool skills

Master Glue pulling system

Master Hammer technique

Hot box repairing technique

Carbon heat shrink technique

Course Enquiry

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What do I need to start PDR training?

You’ll need good eyesight, hand eye coordination and patience. We suggest getting an eye test to make sure that there are no issues.

Do I need any experience in the automotive industry?

Having experience is an advantage but not required, many technicians have had no experience in the industry and become professional PDR technicians.

How many days in a week will the course run?

4 weekdays each week.

Will I need to buy tools before I start the course?

We will supply you with tools to learn with during the course however we suggest purchasing your own tools during the learning process as our instructor will help you select the right tools.