DIY Dent Repairs Is VERY Expensive? 3 Costly Mistakes to Avoid

You have probably watched a few videos on Youtube about dent repairs and are starting to think…

“Hey, it’s pretty easy. I can do that..”

Yeah, it is a very simple process but a lot of people get it absolutely wrong and end up at our shop trying to get their ‘repairs’ rectified by us.

I want to help you avoid these issues so that you can save money and fix it yourself!!

Here are the 3 common mistakes people do when trying to fix dents;

1. Pushing too hard
Most people think a few hard pushes in the middle of the dent, and it will be out. You cannot be more wrong than that!

When you watch professionals repair dents, take notice on how they push the dent. No one gives it one big push. Rather, they push slowly – like massaging it.


Because it reduces the chance of ‘cracking or splitting’ the paint and reduces the chance of putting ‘pimples’ in the paint.

2. Pull WAAAAY too hard

Most people think to remove the dent, you gotta pull hard to get it out.

How ever so wrong was that method!

When you are pulling dents with the lifter or glue puller, make sure you just enough force to bring out the dent.

If you pull the panel too hard, it can cause that part of the panel to overpull causing a become ‘floppy’ or ‘bouncy’.

When a PDR technician uses the glue pull method, we simply pull the dent up slowly to avoid this ever happening.

3. Didn’t use a light or reflector

Many people who tried the DIY method has simply used the reflection off a tree or building to identify a dent.

This is probably the worst way to do it!

If you’re on a budget and want dents fixed, try this instead…

Use a reflector which you can buy here.

Or …

Use a fluorescent light to examine and repair the dent.

In our workshop, we use specialized LED lights to get a more accurate and cleaner repair.

Make sure you take the 3 things into consideration before you start repairing on your next car dent 😎

If you are looking to get some simple tools for dent repairs, we recommend our eBay page.

Or if this all sounds too difficult, you can book an appointment now and see one of our technicians for some free expert advice.