Is it OK to buy a hail damaged car?

It’s a tricky question.

We usually advise that you shouldn’t buy a hail damaged car unless you are only going to drive it around with the hail damage.

Hail damage is cosmetic only and shouldn’t cause any issues with driving the vehicle unless, the paint is damaged and rust can start to form (like the car below). If you see this happening, please get this looked at by a professional immediately.

However, if you’re just looking for a car that will take you from “A to B”, it may be the perfect choice. Just note, if you do not repair it, it devalues the car tremendously. A future owner may not share your desire to leave it as is and may not buy yours unless it’s repaired.

The average cost to repair some minor hail damage can range between $2500-$5600. With heavier damage costing significantly more (as much as $15,000 or more).

Light hail damage, is considered to be a couple of dents around the car. On the other hand, heavy hail damage is extremely noticeable and could cost the same as the car’s value.

Have a look at this BMW 320.

The damage is so extensive that if we were to repair it, the cost is similar to buying a whole new car!

BMW 320D – Heavy hail damage from Canberra
If you are considering buying a car with hail damage, ask if you can take it for an estimate for repair at our workshop, we can give you an idea of the cost to repair and help you determine if the car is worth buying.

To book in a time and get your car inspected by one of our technicians, click here.

“Dude, its too late! I already bought the car!!!“

It’s ok!

Just get in contact with us and we can guide you through what the most cost effective way to repair your car will be.