Major Car Repairers Don’t Give a F**k About your Car

This is the sad truth. They just don’t.

The repairers main objective is to pump the repair out the cheapest possible way and get paid by the finance/insurance companies.

These repair companies are purely working on volume and have no time to spare for that little extra care on your damaged car.

They just do not care.

This is not a problem on the repairer themselves – it is a culture issue.

We assume that most people who are here to do a job that they enjoy thus, trying to do the best for you and your car.

However, the game is rigged against them because most finance/insurance companies are looking after their own pockets.

This is where the culture issue arises.

These greedy corporates are always putting pressure on the repairers to get the job done for cheaper and faster. Hence pushing repairers into the corner and indirectly forcing them to take shortcuts on repairs. In my opinion this is not ok and very unfair for both the customer and repairer.

Here is a car which was repaired at a one of these major repairers a few months ago.

The paint texture is different.
The damage is still evident. They simply painted over it.
Should I say anymore? Terrible job.

If you are a true car enthusiast or perhaps you really like your cars, do not take it to these repairers for any work.

Make sure when you purchase your insurance policy, you tick the option of “choice of repairer”.

If you don’t your car will be taken to these “butcher shops”.

If you are looking for someone who can care about your car and would repair it as if it was their own, talk to a smaller scale repairer and schedule a free quote with them.

Yes, they may be a little slower but, you can be guaranteed that the quality of finish will not be like the ones which have been done at some of these major repairers.