How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Dent?

Repairing Dents does not always require the help of a panel beater. Highly skilled PDR technicians can repair dents which are so gentle on the car body and paint that can be repaired without ever using body filler or paint.

It is often the best way to restore and preserve a beloved vehicle’s looks after it has suffered damage from a hail storm, trolley or even a falling tree branch. Naturally enough, the price of this type of work varies depending upon these 4 factors:


Hail Damage on the Bonnet – Jeep Wrangler

Even after a small hail storm or collision, it can leave your car with dents that need to be fixed. The PDR process requires careful analysis to each panel of the vehicle’s body that has sustained damage.

As expected, having multiple dents fixed will always cost more than having only a single imperfection repaired. Because there is always a certain amount of preparation and setup cost to repair each dent, there will be associated costs that cannot be avoided.


Extreme Trolley Dent on the VW Tailgate

Just counting the number of dents on a car will go a long way toward pinning down a price for PDR work. The amount of area that each of those dents covers, though, will need to be taken into account, as well.

Even though modern automotive paint is extremely rugged, it needs to be treated with extreme car with the PDR process. PDR Technicians will use specialized tools to very carefully manipulate the metal bodywork back into its pre damaged position.

Of course, larger the dent, the more expensive it will be to repair. Although even a tiny dent will always cost a certain amount of money to fix, the price for a larger one will inevitably be more.


Stretched Dent on a Toyota Hilux Tailgate

The simple rule of thumb is: The deeper a dent, the more difficult it will be to fix without damaging the paint.

A relatively shallow dent can sometimes be repaired with relatively little effort. A dent which is so deep that its creates stress on the paint running through it will necessitate a significantly more careful approach. Again, that will mean needing to pay more to have the dent removed as more time and equipment will be required.


Dents on the Rail of a BMW X1. The only way of repairing is using our glue pulling system

Two identical sized dents can end up requiring significantly different amounts of repair work. Some types of panels are more difficult to work with, particularly when keeping the original paint is the goal.

A dent on a relatively flat, regular bonnet, for example, can be fairly simple to repair. A dent of the same size and depth that is on the bodyline, will be a lot more demanding.

Sometimes the dents are underneath the inner trims of the roof or door and may require these trims to be removed before the dents can be repaired. Of course, removing any trims and lining will require more time and money.


To repair the dents on the roof, headlining had to be removed

These 4 factors are combined to determine the costs of the PDR process. Drivers who understand what goes into pricing such projects will be better positioned to make sure they get a fair deal.